venus20220107 - 金星 2022-01-07 内合まで2日

金星 2022-01-07 内合まで2日

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金星 2022-01-07 内合まで2日です。

Venus 2022-01-07 It is 2 days until the inner conjunction.
This time Venus is on January 9th, and the angle from the sun is less than 5 °, so it can still be seen with a telescope. But you need to be very careful.
From today’s image, I think that the angle of circumference of Venus has reached 260 °. 

dummy - 金星 2022-01-07 内合まで2日
dummy - 金星 2022-01-07 内合まで2日
venus20220107 375x188 - 金星 2022-01-07 内合まで2日
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