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金星 2022-01-08 内合まで1日

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金星 2022-01-08 内合まで1日となりました。
明日は内合、他の方法で撮りたい! 大変、貴重な天文現象なので90歳を超えた母親に見せてあげました。

Venus 2022-01-08 It is one day until the inner conjunction.
I think the Venus statue is the most beautiful ever. Sunlight penetrates into a long cylinder with an eccentric aperture, and the image has a ghost.
Tomorrow, I want to get in another way! It was a very valuable astronomical phenomenon, so I showed it to my mother over 90 years old.

dummy - 金星 2022-01-08 内合まで1日
dummy - 金星 2022-01-08 内合まで1日
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