• 2022-03-21

Venus 2022-03-01 (UT)

Venus 2022-03-01 (UT) Venus at dawn after the inner conjunction. The expected seeing condition is very poor. Although it is an image of bad seeing, the south edge is bright in UV, the dark color feature of unevenness near the terminator, and the dark feature of rounded shape in the center of the IR-1000 image?

  • 2022-02-12

Venus 2022-02-01

Venus 2022-02-01 The transparency is good, and the phase of the crescent moon of Venus is beautiful against the background of the blue sky. I think that UV images can be taken if the phase becomes a little larger.

  • 2022-01-26

Venus 2022-01-25

Venus 2022-01-25 The phase of Venus away from the Sun gradually increased. During the day, I can see the shape well with a 10x viewfinder.

  • 2022-01-24

Venus and Jupiter during the day 2022-01-22

Venus and Jupiter during the day 2022-01-22 A planet captured before and after lunch. After the inner conjunction, Venus was about 10 ° to the west of the Sun and became a crescent with good contrast without being disturbed by sunlight. Jupiter is in the sky 30 ° east of the Sun, and although it is a faint image with a telescope, you can see the striped feature of Jupiter itself. There was a Great Red Spot (GRS) around the lower left of the Jupiter image, but it was not visible visually. The images of Venus and Jupiter have the same magnification, so you can see the difference in apparent size.

  • 2022-01-13

Venus’s inner conjunction 2022-01-09

Venus’s inner conjunction 2022-01-09 Check the clear sky and Venus with the finder by automatic introduction. First check with my eyes while paying attention to the nearby sunlight. Due to the influence of the ghost of the sun, I carefully observed Venus, which is extremely thin, although it is bright here and there in the field of view. This time, it didn’t become Venus in the ring because it was a conjunction at a place close to 5 degrees away from the Sun, but it was still beautiful Venus. I borrowed and used the FS102 because the refracting telescope is advantageous for taking close-up pictures of Venus. As expected, the ghost has become smaller.

  • 2022-01-10

Venus 2022-01-08 It is one day until the inner conjunction.

Venus 2022-01-08 It is one day until the inner conjunction. I think the Venus statue is the most beautiful ever. Sunlight penetrates into a long cylinder with an eccentric aperture, and the image has a ghost. Tomorrow, I want to get in another way! It was a very valuable astronomical phenomenon, so I showed it to my mother over 90 years old.

  • 2022-01-10

Venus 2022-01-07 It is 2 days until the inner conjunction.

Venus 2022-01-07 It is 2 days until the inner conjunction. This time Venus is on January 9th, and the angle from the sun is less than 5 °, so it can still be seen with a telescope. But you need to be very careful. From today’s image, I think that the angle of circumference of Venus has reached 260 °. 

  • 2022-01-10

Venus 2022-01-05

Venus 2022-01-05 4 days until Venus Conjunction. Seeing is bad, and the bow-shaped tip is out of focus. The arc-shaped angle of Venus is 210 ° or more. Since the sun came into the bound tube, I made a extension tube as I did two years ago. It looks bad, but the effect is good. I enjoyed the arcuate Venus with a bow.  

  • 2022-01-01

The self-made 45 cm newtonian telescope has been revived

The self-made 45 cm newtonian telescope has been revived. 2021-12-30 Repairing defects around the polar axis of the equatorial mount was reborn as a sturdy equatorial mount in just one week. Thank you. After the adjustment was completed, Venus was inserted and photographed by automatic introduction during the day. A comfortable equatorial mount gives you peace of mind.

  • 2021-09-16

Jupiter September 13, 2021

Jupiter 2021-09-13 (UT)Jupiter was finally image with many clouds. GRS is on the far left. On the Jupiter feature, Jupiter flash impact (7:39 am on the 14th) was observed in Brazil after one rotation of this longitude. You can see the bright flash and position by arranging the flash images.