venus20220109 - Venus's inner conjunction 2022-01-09

Venus’s inner conjunction 2022-01-09

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Venus’s inner conjunction 2022-01-09
Check the clear sky and Venus with the finder by automatic introduction. First check with my eyes while paying attention to the nearby sunlight.
Due to the influence of the ghost of the sun, I carefully observed Venus, which is extremely thin, although it is bright here and there in the field of view.
This time, it didn’t become Venus in the ring because it was a conjunction at a place close to 5 degrees away from the Sun, but it was still beautiful Venus.
I borrowed and used the FS102 because the refracting telescope is advantageous for taking close-up pictures of Venus. As expected, the ghost has become smaller.

dummy - Venus's inner conjunction 2022-01-09
venus20220109 375x188 - Venus's inner conjunction 2022-01-09
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