NGC3628 20220203 small 1280x1280 - NGC3628 2022-02-03

NGC3628 2022-02-03

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NGC3628 2022-02-03
しし座の方角に約3500万光年離れた位置にある非棒渦巻銀河, 10.2等星。

NGC3628  2022-02-03
Unbarred spiral galaxy, 10.2 mag, located about 35 million light-years away in the direction of Leo.
Seeing is good, and small galaxies are scattered around the nebula. A line of asteroids (37996, 17.3m.) can be seen in the lower right of the nebula.

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NGC3628 20220203 small 375x375 - NGC3628 2022-02-03
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