• 2020-12-31

Uranus December 28, 2020

Uranus 2020-12-28 (UT) The apparent size of Uranus is 3.7 arcsec, which is as small as the size when Mars is farthest away. Good seeing is important when taking. With the IR pass filter, you can see that the Arctic region is bright, and the rest is dark and circular. This time, I took an image of UV and CH4 (methane band) filter for the first time. In order to increase the sensitivity, 2×2 binning was applied and exposure was applied for 1s for UV and 6s for CH4, but no feature was detected. It is a harsh condition, but I want to challenge depending on seeing condition!

  • 2020-12-25

Uranus December 23, 2020

Uranus 2020-12-23 (UT) Image of Uranus because seeing is good. The Arctic region is bright in the IR image. In the color image, a blue-green round disk image (diameter, 3.7 arcsec).