• 2022-06-16

Sunspot (3014 group) 2022-05-19

Sunspot (3014 group) 2022-05-19 It is a sunspot group image after a long time. I’m using it by focusing on 16 cm with a 45 cm reflector. Originally it is for planets, but I can also use it like this. Since it will be sent to Cebu Island in July, it has become used up in Japan. The fine structure of the sunspots and the cell structure can be seen a little, but they are not clear in some places.

  • 2022-03-26

Solar prominence 2022-03-25

Solar prominence 2022-03-25 I followed the prominence, which was visible well, at 10-minute intervals. There were quite a few changes and I thought it was interestin