• 2021-09-14

20th century planets

While organizing old CDs, a digest image of a 20th century planet came out. It is a combination of 32 cm newtonian+ cooled CCD (Teleris). In the era when there was no digital camera for astronomical colors, all colors were RGB composites. It was around the time when the Great Red Spot on Jupiter was pale. The quality is one rank lower than it is now, but I remember the bright vitiligo that looked like Saturn’s EZ.

  • 2021-06-26

Saturn June 21, 2021

Saturn  2021-06-21 (UT) I also took a image of Saturn during the routine imaging of Jupiter. Saturn, which is 1/4 brighter than Jupiter, has a sufficient amount of light if it has 45cm.telescope. The inclination of the ring disappears year by year, and this year ring is so beautiful. In the image, the brightness of the main is reversed between UV and CH4. The C- ring is clearly visible on CH4 and IR-1000, but it is also visually transparent and beautiful

  • 2020-12-25

Jupiter and Saturn are conjunction (December 15-23, 9 days)

Those are an image summarizing the progress of the approach between Jupiter and Saturn (December 15-23, 9 days). It fixed and edited Jupiter so that you can see the daily movement. The daily movement, changes in the distance between Jupiter and Saturn, and the accompanying changes in the relative positions and angles of the satellites. It was a wonderful planetary phenomenon that the two planets approached each other, approached each other on 22.23th, and passed each other.