• 2021-06-11

Jupiter June 9, 2021

Jupiter 2021-06-09 (UT) This morning (June 10th), it was clear sky and seeing was good, and with the 45cm reflector, Jupiter feature looked very good even at 500 times, and the satellite Callisto feature could observe. Its can be seen up to high latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere of the CH4 image. The IR image shows the complexity of the belt near the center.    

  • 2020-05-08

Pluto May 8, 2020

2020-05-08 I woke up early this morning and saw Jupiter, but the terrible seeing! Resigned. I took a image of M75 and Pluto, which were in bad condition, but nearby.M75 is a small globular cluster such as 8.6. The periphery is decomposed into stars, but theseeing is poor, so the central part cannot be separated into stars. This is the first M object I took. Pluto (dwarf planet) was a 14.3 mag star, moonlit and visually impossible.