• 2022-07-11

July 7th 2022, Tanabata

July 7th, Tanabata. How many years have you seen the Milky Way on a sunny night on Tanabata? I enjoyed the starry sky seen from Matsudaira, Hitachiota City with binoculars, thinking that this might be the last time.

  • 2022-05-17

The Southern Cross

The altitude of the Southern Cross from Cebu Observatory is just right at about 20 °. Easy to see with binoculars. It is a southern celestial body that I long for with Eta Carinae on the right. 2022-04-22 Shooting

  • 2022-03-21

M20 video 2022-03-10

M20 video 2022-03-10 (in twilight) Neptune C-II (2x2binning) 1s exposure. The back is a little bright, but you can see the dark structure of the M20’s three fissures and the red Hα region at the bottom left. The field of view is too small to fit in the whole.  

  • 2022-03-21

M27 video 2022-03-10

M27 video 2022-03-10 The image of a 45 cm caliber is like a movie. I edited a video of 1 second exposure x 1100frames to a 24 frame rate. Even with the Neptune C II camera, the M27 is pale, so you can clearly see the shape of the outer shape with 2×2 binning, and the bluish star in the center is beautiful. The optical axis is slightly off due to the bending of the telescope tube