meteor shower

  • 2020-04-23

The constellation Meteor shower

2020-04-23 The constellation Meteor shower. Fixed shooting of the meteor shower in Jupiter during the image of Jupiter at dawn (giving up due to terrible sseing). Two were captured in twilight.

  • 2019-08-13

Perseus meteor shower 3 years ago

. . Perseid meteor shower 3 years ago, 2016 08 / 12-13 Nasuyama, Tochigi Prefecture, Sagano Chaya parking lot (1400m above sea level). The Tochigi Astronomy Club’s summer viewing party was a great success.There was an altitude above sea level, and there was little influence of clouds, and it became a clear sky occasionally, and many Pelce meteor showers were seen. This time around 8-9pm, several bright meteors flowing horizontally in the north sky were observed. At 2:36 am on the 13th, a very bright fireball class and meteor traces were observed near the radiant point. At dawn, zodiac light was seen crossing the winter galaxy. The sea of clouds in the morning glow is also beautiful and it has been a long night, but it was a big harvest.