• 2022-06-16

Jupiter 2022-05-24 (UT)

Jupiter 2022-05-24 (UT) Twilight is fast and imaging time is short. Finally, I was able to take UV and CH4 images. All images are from color cameras, but UV is bad.

  • 2022-01-24

Venus and Jupiter during the day 2022-01-22

Venus and Jupiter during the day 2022-01-22 A planet captured before and after lunch. After the inner conjunction, Venus was about 10 ° to the west of the Sun and became a crescent with good contrast without being disturbed by sunlight. Jupiter is in the sky 30 ° east of the Sun, and although it is a faint image with a telescope, you can see the striped feature of Jupiter itself. There was a Great Red Spot (GRS) around the lower left of the Jupiter image, but it was not visible visually. The images of Venus and Jupiter have the same magnification, so you can see the difference in apparent size.

  • 2022-01-04

Jupiter January 3, 2022

Jupiter 2022-01-03 (UT) 15:27 pm(JST) Observe Jupiter during the day with goto introduction. I observed the belt, but there is no contrast of Jupiter feature. The color was impossible due to the blue of the background, but the IR-685 image shows a rough feature (Oval- BA, SEB, NEB (mottled and complicated).

  • 2021-11-20

Partial eclipse of Ganymede and Io

Jupiter 2021-11-16 (UT) 17 cm (45 cm eccentric aperture) newtonian. Seeing is too poor. The partial mutual eclipse between Ganymede and Io could be observed on clear sky, but the two cannot be separated due to bad seeing. Only the phenomenon was recorded.

  • 2021-11-20

Jupiter November 15, 2021

Jupiter  2021-11-15 (UT) In the evening, seeing is not stable. Only the color has a diameter of 17 cm (eccentric aperture), but the image has improved. GRS seems to be almost unchanged at the right end. Also, a star near the Galilean moons on Jupiter’s feature(HIP107302 Luminous intensity 5.96 etc.) is approaching

  • 2021-11-07

Jupiter November 5, 2021

Jupiter 2021-11-05 (UT) C14 telescope Seeing was a little better. GRS is visible in the middle. The NEB belt on the north side (above), just like the GRS longitude. There are small, bright white spots like plume, and the UVs appear to flow from them. The satellite Europa and shadows are in progress., has small, bright vitiligo like plume, which the UVs appear to flow from. The satellite Europa and shadows are in progress.

  • 2021-11-03

Jupiter November 2, 2021

Jupiter 2021-11-02 (UT) In the evening, there were times when the clouds disappeared and seeing was a little better. Satellites Io and Ganymede pass through Jupiter.