Cebu Observatory

  • 2022-08-01

Flight to Cebu Island

Transfer from Narita Airport to Manila Airport and wait for a flight to Cebu Island. At Narita Airport, my third son and the company-related president sent me off. Thank you for your support and gratitude to Cebu Observatory

  • 2022-07-03

Container Shipment

The loading work for the Cebu personal observatory has been completed, and we have put off the next step. I miss the telescope, but now I have a break. It was a self-made telescope with a poor appearance, but I made use of the 45 cm aperture I was able to enjoy the stars. I’m sure that even at Cebu Observatory, I will have a big dream of having a different impression

  • 2022-06-29

Motor Drives

A set of motor drives for the fork equatorial mount has arrived. Used for the equatorial mount of the observatory in Cebu! !!

  • 2022-06-16

C14 mount for Cebu

It’s a sudden story, but I’m remodeling the C14 mount for Cebu so that I can use the Mead 16inch LX200 as a fork equatorial mount. The Cebu pedestal at latitude 10 ° north is cut from the upper part of the front pillar leg, and the pillar uses the Dobsonian void tube of Mead 40 cm again.  

  • 2022-06-16

Deep sky in Japan

In June, we will disassemble 45 cm for Cebu. Probably the last Deep sky image in Japan! Deep sky imaging on Cebu will resume this winter! !!

  • 2022-06-16

80mm binocular telescope

An 80mm binocular telescope was donated by Hagiya Engineer to Cebu Observatory (Cebu Starry Sky Museum). Thank you very much. I would like to utilize it as a device to enjoy the starry sky of Cebu Island.

  • 2022-05-17

Planet at Dawn daybreak (Cebu)

From the end of April to the beginning of May, the four planets Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Saturn lined up in the eastern sky at dawn. Especially on May 1, Jupiter and Venus approached each other, and the two planets were visible to the naked eye.